Highway Maintenance

Apply for a dropped kerb vehicle crossing at your property

You can apply to the County Council for permission to have a dropped kerb installed on the road adjacent to your property.


  • There is fixed non-refundable charge of £68 for making an application
  • To find out if the site of your property is likely to be suitable for a dropped kerb please see the pre-application checklist below.
  • If your application is agreed, then the cost of the building work to have the dropped kerb installed will depend on the site and the work involved.
  • In most cases the cost is between about £600 and £1200. These figures are for general guidance only, the cost at your property may be higher.
  • If you decide to proceed, you can choose to instruct the County Council to build the dropped kerb, or you can appoint your own building contractor (subject to legal requirements on insurance cover).

Other issues - please note

  • Trees on the highway will generally not be removed to accomodate a dropped kerb.
  • Planning permission is required in some circumstances (see pre-application checklist).
  • Separate openings for vehicle entrance/exit are generally not permitted.

How to apply

Before completing your application please read:

Please make your application using either:

How to pay the £68 non-refundable application fee

By post/cheque

Please send a cheque for £68 made payable to 'Hampshire County Council' with your application form.

Card payment over the phone

Please telephone 0300 555 1388. Please explain to the call-taker that you are applying to install a dropped kerb vehicle crossing at your property and you are calling to make a card payment to the Highway Office that will deal with your application.

What does a dropped kerb vehicle crossing involve?

  • Lowering of the kerbs at the edge of the road to allow access to the householder's property/ driveway.
  • Strengthening of the crossing from your property boundary to the edge of the road.
  • It may be necessary to move or protect street light columns, railings and bollards and any pipes or cables etc belonging to public utilities underneath the crossing. The householder is responsible for the cost of this work.

More information on dropped kerb vehicle crossings

Where to send your completed application form and fee

Please send your completed application form and a cheque for £68 made payable to ‘Hampshire County Council’ to:

Hampshire County Council
Highways Operation Centre
Sheridan House
41-43 Jewry Street
SO23 8RY

Applications will only be considered on receipt of the non-refundable £68 fee.