Road Safety

Casualty overview in Hampshire

Please see below two pie charts, one of which provides a clear overview of the what class of casualty is most common, and the second demonstrates what vehicle type is most commonly involved in accidents.

Diagram 1: Casualties by class

Casualties by class

The data for 2012 in Diagram 1 shows that vulnerable road users (children, pedestrians, pedal cyclists and powered two wheeler users) made up just over half of all casualties on Hampshire’s roads in 2012.

Diagram 2: Vehicles involved in casualty reports (not including pedestrians)

Vehicles involved

Diagram 2 shows casualties by the type of vehicle directly associated with each casualty.  For driver/riders and passengers, this is the vehicle that the person sustaining a personal injury was driving, riding or travelling in at the time of the collision.  Please note that pedestrian casualties involved in these collisions have not been included within the chart.