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04/06/2013 08:24am

Alex Broadbridge

Dear kind ladies at the museum,

Thank you for helping us to make a catapult. We really enjoyed everything about our visit. I took my catapult home and I used it to shoot marshmallows at my mummy.

from Alex (age 6).



10/09/2012 12:23pm

Linda Brook

My family, 4 adults and 2 children, have just spent a very pleasant afternoon at the Heritage Open Day at Rockbourne Roman Villa - luckily, unlike to-day, the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed our visit very much indeed - especially the cream tea. The children enjoyed the freedom to explore. Only one comment I would make, would it not be possible to advertise the site better and give us clearer signposts and directions to find you. We live fairly local but had never heard of Rockbourne. For people from away how are they to know about your lovely site? Thanks again for a gorgeous afternoon.



10/09/2012 09:13am


We visited today on your open day and have had a fantastic day. My two young children 7 & 8 loved the trail and creating their own mosaic tile. Fantastic for young and old.....



24/07/2012 12:36pm


Lindsey and I came to Rockbourne for The Anglo Saxons around Rockbourne and the Avon Valley, lecture by Dr Nick Stoodley, it was a beautiful morning when we arrived and we both remarked on how peaceful the area was. We were a little early for the lecture so we had a look around the museum which is well set out and the artefacts are easily viewed in well lit cases, which is not always the case in some museums I have visited, also the hands on table with artefacts is a great idea and not just for children. The lecture by Dr Stoodley was brilliant and received well deserved applause after which we had a lovely lunch at the refreshment stand and a walk around the villa remains. Although most of the villa is again underground for its protection the areas are marked out so one can visualise the buildings, and the information boards are a great help. The uncovered mosaics were great to see, as was the hypocaust with pairs of imbreces instead of stacked pilae which I had not seen before. After another look around the museum and the very well stocked gift shop we headed for the Saxon church that had been mentioned earlier. Altogether a most enjoyable and informative day.



06/06/2012 07:09am

Shelley Fredman

We were sadly disappointed. With nearly all the villa hidden under grass, what's the point? With the technology available, why not place clear perspex (or similar) over the exhibits so we can see them.

Rockbourne replies

Like many archaeological sites, Rockbourne Roman Villa, was reburied when the the excavation work was complete. This was done to protect the surviving remains from further damage. Although this makes the archaeology safe, it can make it difficult for visitors to understand the site. At Rockbourne we have attempted to make the story of the villa accessible by uncovering some mosaics and a hypocaust system, marking the walls of the buildings, and investing in new outdoor display panels . Indoors, the museum displays fully explore the story of the villa, its discovery and its inhabitants, and exhibit an amazing array of finds.



13/10/2011 05:59pm


it was super you could make a mosaic and handle pottery and play games.



10/09/2011 11:48am


I was eagerly looking forward to visiting the Roman villa, having travelled all the way from the U.S., only to discover the villas isn't 'open' on Saturdays. What a shame.



23/11/2011 06:34am


As some one who studied Roman History at university level I was very much looking forward to visiting this site.

I found the museum part most informative and it was unique to have a site which still had its finds present and not in some far away museum which I liked. Also the variety of items on display was good.

The information boards and knowledge of the staff helped you cast your mind back and imagine for a minute what life may have been like. I defiantly came away learning things and some other items I wish to research more. I know my partner who is not as much into history also found it a nice morning out.

I will definitely be recommending this site to friends and family. 5 out of 5 from me.  



05/10/2009 05:50am


Ellie S

I think it's really fun!!!! (on school trips).



12/07/2009 08:15pm


Lesley Rathbone

I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Rockbourne today. I had no idea how it would be but would like to congratulate you on your presentation which allows the imagination to drift back in time and understand how things might have been. The treasures bring it all alive. A picture of how the site would have looked alongside the diagrams may be a good idea.


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