Safer Hampshire

Hampshire safer and more secure for all

County Strategy Group

The purpose of the County Strategy Group is to

  • promote community safety in Hampshire
  • establish strategic improvement priorities
  • monitor and manage performance against priorities
  • promote co-ordinated, effective and efficient delivery and partnership arrangements and cross border working.

The members of the county strategy group consists of

  • the chairs of each of the district council strategy groups
  • where the council for that county area has an elected member responsible for community safety that member
  • a representative of the chief officer of police
  • a representative of the police authority
  • a representative of the fire authority
  • a representative of the Primary Care Trusts.

The County Strategy Group meets quarterly.


Community Safety Agreement 2011-13

Since the introduction of Crime and Disorder Act over ten years ago, all local public authorities have been working together to ensure that our residents can enjoy their lives safely and without fear. The development of the suite of documents you see here is collectively known as the Community Safety Agreement. Together, with the establishment of the County Strategy Group on Community Safety, they mark milestones in our progress as a partnership.

The function of the County Strategy Group

"to prepare a community safety agreement for the county area on behalf of the responsible authorities and its' partners. Its' overarching purpose is to identify ways in which priorities might be more effectively addressed and how we might otherwise reduce crime and disorder, anti social behaviour or combat substance misuse through coordinated or joint working."

These documents represent a very real example of our shared desire to deliver the very best service to the people of Hampshire.