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There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in netball in Hampshire & IOW - whether you are looking to play, coach, umpire or volunteer.

If you are looking for a club for competition, the Sport Hampshire & IOW Find a Club Facility will help you find clubs and venues.

For junior clubs, the Club Action Planning Scheme (CAPS) is an indicator of good practice and club development.

If you have never played before, or are keen to get back involved, the England Netball ‘Back to Netball’ courses are a great way to get started in a relaxed and fun environment. The Netball South website has details of current courses in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


The Coaching Hampshire & IOW website has details of upcoming coaching courses for all sports. The England Netball website has details of netball coaching and umpiring courses in Hampshire & IOW.

Coaching courses are also advertised by Netball South. If you are a coach applying for the Level 3 Coaching Course, you may be entitled to a South Region Coaching bursary – email Netball South (Tracey Stone) for further information.

Club coaches and teachers involved in regularly planning netball sessions should consider the England Netball series of workshops. These are aimed at providing a better understanding of a specific area of player and game development, the toolkit required to analyse and correct technique and fresh ideas for building practices and sessions.

Umpiring Courses are available through Hampshire Netball Association.


Hampshire Netball Association is one of 8 Netball County Associations covered by Netball South. The remainder are, Berkshire, North Buckinghamshire, South Buckinghamshire, Guernsey, Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire, Sussex.

Two County Associations govern Netball in Hampshire and Isle of Wight

The various clubs and leagues and tournaments in Hampshire mean that there are opportunities for all levels of netball competition.

Hampshire Netball Leagues and Tournaments

Other leagues


CAPS - Club Action Planning Scheme

  • Does your club or team need new players?
  • Do you assist with the development of young players?
  • Would you welcome more volunteers to share organising and workloads?
  • Do you help new coaches and umpires develop?
  • Are you interested in applying for funding?
  • Do you feel that you have no time to try out new ideas?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then the England Netball Club Action Planning Scheme (or CAPS) is for you!

CAPS helps Netball clubs function in an efficient way. It is directly linked to Sport England's Clubmark scheme and it's all about good practice in the development of players, coaches and umpires at all levels. CAPS takes accepted sports development ideas and makes them flexible enough to fit in with your club's current activities, looking at  your needs, your goals and your values. It's not just about paperwork and filling in forms. In fact, most clubs find that the CAPS process highlights all the good development work that they are already doing. This clarifies roles and gives help and positive encouragement to new volunteers - those who might usually hesitate before coming forward. In today's society, CAPS offers a way of maximising safe and child friendly activities. In line with the Clubmark award, CAPS focuses on the following four key areas that impact Netball clubs:

  • Duty of Care and Child Protection
  • Coaching and Competition
  • Club Management/ Administration
  • Sports Equity and Ethics

CAPS offers Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of achievement, highlighting further development work whilst ensuring that all clubs have the chance to shine. CAPS brings many benefits to participating clubs. Players, coaches and umpires are offered a clear development pathway by the club's high profile and publicity. Community links are created and strengthened. These help to attract more members, spread the administrative workload and increase the possibility of securing funding or better facilities.

As well as providing benefits at the local level, CAPS is the gateway to a strong regional and national network of support and communication: Put your club in the position where England Netball and Sport England can offer the help that you need.

CAPS Submission dates

The last submission dates for CAPS are 20 May and 26 August 2011. This means the folder has to be at the South Regional Office by 12:00 noon on or before that date.


CAPS Accredited Clubs in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Clubs that have gained an England Netball CAPS and Sport England Club Mark

Club Accreditation
Weston Park Netball Club Gold CAPS
Andover Arrows Netball Club Silver CAPS
Applemore Netball Club Silver CAPS
FM Eclipse Netball Club Silver CAPS
Shooting Stars Netball Club Silver CAPS
Tongham Netball Club Silver CAPS
BUGS Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Fareham Fireflys Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Fleming Academy Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Gurnard Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Just Ahead Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Rushmoor Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Saucony Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Shorwell Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Solent Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Starz Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Swan Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Swaythling Juniors Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Lymington Netball Club Bronze CAPS
Gosport Borough Netball Club Bronze CAPS



Emily Loftus
Netball Development Officer
07595 086751