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Silver Surfer Event Planning

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Holding an event

Whether you are planning a Silver Surfers event for:

  • a few invited guests in the residents’ lounge of a care home

  • a drop-in session in a library, community centre or college

  • or a 'teach-in' by pupils at a school

. . . . . you need to do some planning beforehand.

The following pages will give you all the information you need to hold an event.


You can also download useful resources to support your event - see resources tab.

On the day

On the Day

LightbulbTip: Plan to arrive earlier than you think you need to! Make sure whoever has the keys knows what time you're arriving.

Before the doors open...


  • health & safety (fire exits, trip hazards, disabled access?)
  • does everyone know when they can take a break?
  • signs in place and pointing in the right direction?
  • computers switched on with internet access working?
  • is the kettle full and ready to go?

At the session



Event Organiser

You don’t have to be computer savvy, but you do need to be organised!

  • Recruit helpers, allocate tasks and organise a rota.
  • Sort out the venue and equipment.
  • Local publicity - if you don't tell people, they won't come!


  • Greet people on arrival and allocate them to a tutor.
  • Answer general questions about the event and venue.
  • Provide refreshments (tea and biscuits "work well").


  • Need to be generally computer literate, not experts.
  • Familiar with the hardware and software you’ll be using.
  • Able to explain about using computers with a minimum of jargon.
  • Patient and empathetic with older people.

LightbulbTip: If possible provide individual sessions (one tutor to one surfer)

Technical Helper

Someone with technical knowledge, who can:

  • check the Internet connection and equipment before the event
  • deal with any technical problems on the day.

One of the Computer Tutors may be able to take this role.



A Silver Surfers event can be held anywhere that has a computer with an Internet connection:

  • wherever possible, the venue should be accessible to people with mobility and other difficulties

  • make sure that you know the health and safety policies for the venue, and the fire alarm procedures and fire exits

  • if you are using a venue that is not normally used for events open to the public, make sure that there is Public Liability Insurance cover for an event such as this

  • if your own venue is not suitable, team up with a local library, community centre or school.



  • An broadband Internet connection is essential.

  • A desktop computer with a good, large screen is best, but if you've only got a laptop, go with that.

  • It is essential that you have a firewall and up-to-date antivirus protection on any computer used to access the Internet.

  • There are many ways in which to make equipment more accessible to those with disabilities.
    Find out more at* .

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Make sure you add your event to the Events in Hantsweb. When you submit your event, choose a category of Silver Surfers.

Event Posters

If you are putting up posters to advertise your event, make sure they include:

  • what’s happening at the event
  • date, day of week, time
  • venue with map, travel options and parking
  • whether refreshments are available
  • details of accessibility (eg wheelchair friendly toilet, ramps)
  • any costs involved (eg donation for tea, coffee).




These resources will help you with planning the content for a Silver Surfers event:

* Hampshire County Council is not responsible for the content of external websites.