Silver Surfers - Helping you to do it online


The questions shown below should help you to find out more about 'Silver Surfers' and 'Computer Skills for life'.

Your questions Our answers
"What are Silver Surfers events?" They are 'taster' sessions to help people over 50 to get started with using computers and the internet.Find out more at
"Where do Silver Surfers sessions take place?" We hold ‘free' taster sessions at many libraries, schools, community centres, collages and other places around Hampshire.
"When do these events take place?" Sessions take place all year round but the main Silver Surfers Week is in April or May - see the Spring Online website for more information.
What events are available in my area? You can find details of local silver surfer events at
How do I hold a Silver Surfers event? Check out the event planning section of our Silver Surfers website.
What is 'Computer Skills for life'? Computer Skills for life is a website to help people find out how to use the internet and ‘do it online’.Find out more at