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Hampshire Writing Competition


The Hampshire Writing Competition for secondary schools launched in November 2013 to complement the many reading activities we do in school, and to offer a practical, structured framework to encourage creative and effective storytelling.

Participants are offered a choice of three themes, with a limit of 500-1000 words. There will be one winner from Key Stage 3 and and one from Key Stage 4.

There are prizes for the individual winners and for their school, and the top ten stories from each Key Stage will be published as a free ebook made available to all Hampshire subscribing schools.

The entire competition will be conducted electronically via the Hampshire SLS Moodle and is open to schools who are full subscribers for the duration of the competition. Full details are on the Reading and Writing Competitions page on our Moodle. Please email us for a login, or use the link on the front page if you have forgotten your password.

The closing date is Friday 31 January 2014.

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