Make a Booking

  1. Decide what you would like to do e.g. camping or bunkhouse stay, do you want to include activities, or are you looking for a non-residential day?
  2. Contact Tile Barn by phone or email to check availability and discuss your requirements.
  3. Select the correct booking form, residential or non-residential.
  4. A copy of our Terms and Conditions will be displayed. Please ensure you read these prior to submitting your booking form. (Fully revised in January 2014.)
  5. Complete the booking form with all relevant information.
  6. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood the Tile Barn Terms and Conditions.
  7. When we receive your booking form we will send you confirmation of your booking and advise you of the deposit amount required.
  8. We will send you an invoice for the deposit unless you advise that you would prefer to pay by cash, cheque or over the phone. If you would prefer to pay the deposit without an invoice please mention this on your booking form.
  9. Prior to your visit we recommend that you conduct a pre-visit of the site, both in order to complete your risk assessment and for familiarity of the facilities.

If you have any queries whilst completing your booking form and are unable to find the information please do contact us.

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We can help you book

We can help you complete your booking form, put together your programme, complete approval forms and general planning for your visit.

Phone us, come to Tile Barn or we can come to you.

HCC groups can find out more information about group residential or non-residential trips at the Outdoor Education website.


Cheques for bookings payable to Hampshire County Council and sent to Tile Barn Outdoor Centre.

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