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News 20 March 2012

Legal arrangements to protect the busway from excavation or other roadworks by utility companies

The County Council intends to designate the busway as a protected street, under the provisions of the New Road and Street Works Act. This means that any utility company which wants to excavate the busway to install apparatus (cables, pipes etc) must first appy for and be given permission by the County Council, in its role as Street Authority.

The following notice is currently being advertised:
Section 61 Notice New Road and Street Works Act
Hampshire County Council
New Road and Street Works Act 1991 Section 61
Notice to Designate a Street as protected: Henry Cort Way and Hutfield Link, Gosport


Under Schedule 1 to the street works (registered, notices, directions and designations) regulations 1992, Hampshire County Council intends to designate the bus rapid transit link between Fareham and Gosport (known as ‘Henry Cort Way’ and ‘Hutfield Link’) so as consent of the street authority will be required for the placing of apparatus by any undertaker under Section 61 of that act.

Any objections in respect of the proposed designation should be received by the County Council from any statutory undertaker/authority/adjacent owner to which the proposed designation refers within 1 calendar month from the publication of this Notice.

A copy of the Section 61 Notice itself along with the drawings depicting the extent of the proposal can be found on the designated website:, under frequently asked questions, as well as being available in the Gosport and Fareham public libraries; to include Drawings S61(A) S61(B) and S61(C).

Dated the 22 March 2012