LifeSmart - Consumer education within the Citizenship Curriculum

Topics covered by LifeSmart pages

  • Civil and Criminal Law
  • Consumer rights and responsibilities
  • Sources of help and advice for the younger consumer
  • Personal finance

Are all covered in this lively resource for teaching essential consumer skills as part of the citizenship curriculum.

You will need Microsoft Powerpoint (ppt), Excel (xls), Word (docs) and Acrobat (pdf) to run the various resources.


Unit 1 - Civil and Criminal Law

  • Areas covered

    • Contracts
    • Civil and criminal courts
    • Court actions
    • The court structure
    • The sources of law and development
  • Civil and criminal law image

    Unit 1 - Resources

Unit 2 - Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

  • Areas covered

    • What is meant by the term consumer?
    • Consumer rights
    • Supplier rights
    • Voluntary codes of practice
    • Media, advertising etc
  • Consumer Rights & Responsibilities image
    Unit 2 - Resources

Unit 3 - Sources of help and advice for consumers

  • Areas covered

    • The importance of making sensible choices
    • Advice to students on how to make sensible consumer choices
    • How to make a complaint when dissatisfied
  • Sources of help & advice for consumers
    Unit 3 - Resources

Unit 4 - Personal Finance

  • Areas covered

    • Methods of payment for goods and services
    • What is a loan shark?
    • Savings
    • Bugetting
  • Personal Finance image
    Unit 4 - Resources