No Cold Calling

Fareham Borough Council

Road Location Zone Number Status
Abbey Road Fareham 927 Out to Consultation
Alfred Road Stubbington 15 Launched
Alum Way Fareham 302 Launched
Ambledale Locks Heath 225 Launched
Anglers Way Lower Swanwick 417 Out to Consultation
Appleton Road Fareham 813 Launched
Argyle Crescent Fareham 497 Launched
Ashlyn Close Catisfield 394 Launched
Ashtead Close Portchester 677 Launched
Ashwood Locks Heath 330 Launched
Barnbrook Road Locks Heath 225 Launched
Beatty Close Locks Heath 509 Launched
Beaumont Rise (Part) Fareham 493 Launched
Bell Davies Road Fareham 747 Out to Consultation
Belmont Close Stubbington 15 Launched
Beresford Road Stubbington 15 Launched
Beverley Road Stubbington 200 Launched
Blackbrook Park Avenue Fareham 956 Launched
Brewer Close Locks Heath 716 Launched
Brook Farm Avenue Fareham 663 Launched
Brook Meadow Fareham 956 Launched
Burnt House Lane Stubbington 628 Launched
Cador Drive Portchester 863 Launched
Carberry Drive Portchester 749 Out to Consultation
Castle Street Portchester 668 Out to Consultation
Chamberlain Grove Fareham 590 Launched
Chapel Road Sarisbury Green 362 Launched
Chatsworth Close Fareham 742 Launched
Chestnut Way Titchfield Common 925 Out to Consultation
Church Road Locks Heath 164 Launched
Coke Street Locks Heath 225 Launched
Coracle Close Warsash 544 Launched
County Gardens Fareham 449 Launched
Cowdray Park Hillhead 594 Launched
Crescent Road Locks Heath 380 Out to Consultation
Culloden Close Fareham 497 Launched
Cunningham Drive Locks Heath 716 Launched
Cutter Avenue Warsash 908 Out to Consultation
Cygnet Court Fareham 776 Out to Consultation
Dale Road Stubbington 15 Launched
Dallington Close Stubbington 200 Launched
Darren Close Stubbington 628 Launched
Delme Drive Fareham 619 Launched
Dene Close Locks Heath 225 Launched
Derwent Stubbington 628 Launched
Ditton Close Stubbington 933 Launched
Dundee Close Fareham 966 Out to Consultation
East Lodge Fareham 714 Launched
Eden Rise Fareham 512 Launched
Eleanors Wood Portchester 92 Launched
Ennerdale Road Stubbington 628 Launched
Erica Close Locks Heath 827 Out to Consultation
Farm Edge Road Stubbington 331 Launched
Fyfield Close Whiteley 932 Out to Consultation
Gainsborough Mews Titchfield 450 Launched
Garstons Close (Part) Titchfield 450 Launched
Garstons Close (Part) Titchfield 720 Out to Consultation
Garstons Road Titchfield 450 Launched
Grasmere Way Stubbington 628 Launched
Grassymead Titchfield Common 974 Launched
Green Road Stubbington 935 Launched
Hamble Court, Shannon Road Fareham 721 Launched
Harold Road Stubbington 15 Launched
Harvester Drive Fareham 830 Launched
Hatherley Crescent (Part) Portchester 1017 Out to Consultation
Heath Road Locks Heath 380 Out to Consultation
Heath Road South Locks Heath 381 Out to Consultation
Heron Close Stubbington 935 Launched
Hewett Close Titchfield 551 Out to Consultation
Highlands Road (Part) Fareham 717 Out to Consultation
Hill Road (Part) Portchester 815 Launched
Hispano Avenue Whiteley 903 Out to Consultation
Hollybrook Gardens Locks Heath 821 Launched
Holmgrove Titchfield Common 898 Launched
Honeysuckle Close Locks Heath 909 Out to Consultation
Hood Close Locks Heath 716 Launched
Hunters Lodge Fareham 714 Launched
Huxley Close Locks Heath 824 Launched
Invincible Road Fareham 748 Launched
James Grieve Avenue Locks Heath 900 Launched
Jubilee Road Portchester 133 Launched
Kensington Gardens Titchfield 782 Out to Consultation
Kingfisher Copse Locks Heath 499 Launched
Lansdowne Avenue Portchester 477 Launched
Laurel Close Locks Heath 599 Launched
Lawrence Road Fareham 663 Launched
Lichfield Road Titchfield 675 Out to Consultation
Linkway (Part) Hill Head 828 Launched
Locks Heath Park Road (Part) Locks Heath 330 Launched
Lockswood Keep Locks Heath 620 Launched
Lodge Road Locks Heath 224 Launched
Lower Church Road (Part) Titchfield Common 926 Out to Consultation
Magnolia Close Fareham 448 Launched
Magpie Close Fareham 832 Launched
Martin Avenue Stubbington 627 Launched
Mayfield Close Stubbington 15 Launched
Mayridge Titchfield Common 1005 Out to Consultation
Meadowbank Road (Part) Fareham 823 Launched
Merryfield Locks Heath 265 Launched
Merton Avenue (Part) Portchester 534 Launched
Milton Grove Locks Heath 824 Launched
Monks Way Hill Head 279 Launched
Moody Road Stubbington 200 Launched
Moorland Close Locks Heath 620 Launched
Mulberry Avenue Fareham 536 Launched
Myrtle Avenue Portchester 929 Out to Consultation
Netley Road Locks Heath 244 Launched
Nicholas Crescent Fareham 663 Launched
Nightingale Mews Locks Heath 499 Launched
Northfield Park Portchester 92 Launched
North Wallington (Part) Fareham 774 Launched
Norwich Close Locks Heath 225 Launched
Oakdown Road Stubbington 15 Launched
Oaklands Gardens Titchfield Common 925 Out to Consultation
Oaklands Way Titchfield Common 925 Out to Consultation
Old Farm Lane Stubbington 200 Launched
Paxton Road Fareham 894 Out to Consultation
Peartree Close Stubbington 628 Launched
Pembroke Crescent Fareham 820 Launched
Pembury Road Fareham 941 Out to Consultation
Pilgrims Way Hill Head 279 Launched
Pine Trees Close Fareham 946 Launched
Pinewood Close Stubbington 628 Launched
Poplar Drive Fareham 448 Launched
Portsview Avenue Portchester 809 Launched
Postern Close Portchester 148 Launched
Queen Mary Road Portchester 133 Launched
Queens Crescent Stubbington 15 Launched
Radclyffe Road Fareham 619 Launched
Ravens Close Stubbington 15 Launched
Ravenswood Titchfield Common 898 Launched
Redlands Lane (Part) Fareham 590 Launched
Redlands Lane (Part) Fareham 978 Out to Consultation
Redwood Drive Fareham 441 Out to Consultation
Romford Road Warsash 528 Out to Consultation
Rosedale Close Titchfield 450 Launched
Rowland Road Fareham 663 Launched
Rycroft Titchfield Common 898 Launched
Saffron Court Locks Heath 737 Out to Consultation
Sandy Lane Titchfield 450 Launched
St Cuthberts Close Locks Heath 221 Launched
St Helena Way Portchester 605 Out to Consultation
St James Way Portchester 605 Out to Consultation
Seafield Park Road Hill Head 279 Launched
Seamead Hill Head 828 Launched
Shepards Close Fareham 464 Launched
Sissinghurst Road Portchester 1016 Out to Consultation
South Lodge Fareham 714 Launched
Stephen Road Fareham 663 Launched
Sycamore Close Titchfield Common 925 Out to Consultation
Tangyes Close Stubbington 628 Launched
Tamarisk Close Fareham 536 Launched
Tattershall Crescent Portchester 1016 Out to Consultation
The Chestnuts, Locks Road Locks Heath 755 Out to Consultation
The Glades Locks Health 856 Launched
The Pines Fareham 992 Launched
The Spinney Fareham 437 Launched
Thirlmere Close Stubbington 628 Launched
Tillingbourn Titchfield Common 898 Launched
Trimaran Road Warsash 207 Launched
Valley Rise Locks Heath 225 Launched
Wayside Lower Swanwick 417 Out to Consultation
Wellow Gardens Locks Heath 378 Launched
Wellsmoor Titchfield Common 898 Launched
Wessex Gardens Portchester 770 Launched
West Street (Part) Portchester 806 Out to Consultation
Westley Grove Fareham 632 Out to Consultation
Wheatlands Titchfield Common 208 Launched
Williams Close Hill Head 287 Launched
Windermere Avenue Stubbington 628 Launched
Woodpecker Copse Locks Heath 499 Launched
Yarrow Way Locks Heath 737 Out to Consultation



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