No Cold Calling

Hart District Council

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Road Location Zone Number Status
Aldershot Road (Part) Fleet 578 Out to Consultation
Ashley Close Crondall 1074 Out to Consultation
Barberry Way Hawley 419 Launched
Barbour Close Odiham 107 Launched
Beech Drive Blackwater 117 Launched
Beech Ride Fleet 573 Launched
Bell Meadow Hook 853 Launched
Belvedere Close Fleet 180 Launched
Benwell Close Odiham 107 Launched
Berkeley Close Fleet 473 Out to Consultation
Blaire Park Yateley 52 Launched
Blake Close Odiham 107 Launched
Blakes Ride Yateley 170 Launched
Bowenhurst Gardens Church Crookham 443 Launched
Bridge Walk Yateley 116 Launched
Brockenhurst Drive Yateley 326 Out to Consultation
Brocklands Yateley 402 Launched
Broom Way Blackwater 543 Launched
Broomacres Fleet 342 Launched
Bufton Field North Warnborough 369 Launched
Byways Yateley 429 Launched
Campbell Place, Campbell Close Fleet 1015 Out to Consultation
Campion Close Hawley 419 Launched
Carthona Drive Fleet 254 Launched
Castle Street Fleet 573 Launched
Cedar Avenue Blackwater 218 Launched
Cedar Drive Fleet 631 Launched
Chantry Close Hook 2 Launched
Cheriton Way Blackwater 124 Launched
Chineham Close Fleet 54 Launched
Churchill Avenue Odiham 107 Launched
Churchill Close Odiham 107 Launched
Coach House Gardens Fleet 122 Launched
Colbeck Church Crookham 617 Launched
Cranberry Walk Hawley 419 Launched
Cranbrook Court Fleet 355 Launched
Cricket Hill Lane Yateley 360 Launched
Crown Close Waterlooville 508 Out to Consultation
Darby Green Road Blackwater 546 Launched
Denning Close Fleet 179 Launched
Dinorben Avenue Fleet 252 Launched
Dinorben Close Fleet 252 Launched
Dipley Common Hartley Wintney 799 Out to Consultation
Dipley Road Hartley Wintney 799 Out to Consultation
Drovers End Fleet 624 Launched
Dukesmead Fleet 180 Launched
Durnsford Avenue Fleet 865 Launched
Elvetham Crescent Fleet 713 Launched
Everest Walk Church Crookham 923 Launched
Eversley Drive Fleet 596 Launched
Exeter Gardens Yateley 203 Launched
Fairland Close Fleet 889 Launched
Falcon Way Yateley 950 Out to Consultation
Farm Close Yateley 294 Launched
Farm View Yateley 294 Launched
Fieldfare Avenue Yateley 204 Launched
Fiske Court Yateley 89 Launched
Forest Dean Fleet 374 Launched
Foxwood Fleet 235 Launched
Franklin Avenue Hartley Wintney 786 Launched
French Gardens Blackwater 543 Launched
Frensham Avenue Fleet 602 Launched
Fulbrook Way Odiham 107 Launched
Glen Road Fleet 253 Launched
Gordon Walk Yateley 89 Launched
Gorseway Fleet 531 Launched
Gower Crescent Hook 853 Launched
Green Glades Church Crookham 625 Launched
Green Lane Blackwater 543 Launched
Green Springs Crondall 1074 Out to Consultation
Hall Drive Fleet 822 Launched
Hall Farm Crescent Yateley 507 Launched
Hanover Close Yateley 304 Launched
Hanover Drive Fleet 374 Launched
Hartford Road (Part) Hartley Wintney 674 Launched
Hartford Road (Part) Hartley Wintney 1051 Out to Consultation
Hawthorne Crescent Blackwater 463 Launched
Haywood Drive Fleet 865 Launched
Hazeley Close Hartley Wintney 571 Launched
Heathfield Court Fleet 255 Launched
Hedge Croft, Bracken Lane Yateley 1013 Out to Consultation
Holland Gardens Fleet 120 Launched
Hollytrees Church Crookham 855 Launched
Holly Way Blackwater 73 Launched
Honeysuckle Close Yateley 115 Launched
Humphrey Park Church Crookham 983 Out to Consultation
John Morgan Close Hook 209 Launched
Kersley Crescent Odiham 107 Launched
Kevins Grove Fleet 473 Out to Consultation
Kiln Gardens Hartley Wintney 730 Launched
Kimberley Church Crookham 364 Launched
Kings Keep Fleet 178 Launched
Knoll Close Fleet 515 Launched
Knoll Road (Part) Fleet 614 Launched
Laburnum Road Waterlooville 517 Out to Consultation
Laffans Road Odiham 107 Launched
Laurel Close North Warnborough 86 Launched
Lawrence Road Fleet 336 Launched
Lawford Crescent Yateley 535 Launched
Linkway Fleet 178 Launched
Little Copse Fleet 123 Launched
Longdown Fleet 615 Launched
Love Lane Odiham 107 Launched
Lower Canes Yateley 345 Out to Consultation
Magnolia Terrace Waterlooville 517 Out to Consultation
Maple Gardens Yateley 652 Launched
Medlar Drive Hawley 419 Launched
Merron Close Yateley 125 Launched
Mistletoe Road Yateley 326 Out to Consultation
Monachus Lane Hartley Wintney 962 Launched
Olde Farm Drive Blackwater 546 Launched
Oldfield View Hartley Whitney 22 Launched
Oasthouse Drive Fleet 55 Launched
Palace Gate Odiham 29 Launched
Palace Gate Farm Odiham 29 Launched
Pankridge Street Crondall 1074 Out to Consultation
Parkhill Close Blackwater 117 Launched
Parkhill Road Blackwater 117 Launched
Peatmoor Close Fleet 433 Launched
Peel Court Hartley Whitney 576 Out to Consultation
Perry Drive Fleet 180 Launched
Pheasant Copse Fleet 376 Launched
Pine Grove Church Crookham 421 Launched
Pines Road Fleet 588 Out to Consultation
Pither Road Odiham 107 Launched
Pondtail Road Fleet 975 Launched
Pool Road Hartley Wintney 415 Launched
Porter Close Odiham 107 Launched
Queens Road North Warnborough 126 Launched
Rectory Road Hook 2 Launched
Richmond Close Fleet 178 Launched
Robins Gardens Fleet 912 Launched
Romsey Close Blackwater 572 Launched
Rosemary Gardens Blackwater 73 Launched
Rowan Dale Church Crookham 625 Launched
Rustic Glen Church Crookham 625 Launched
Ryeland Close Fleet 762 Launched
St Peters Gardens Yateley 535 Launched
St Swithins Road Fleet 453 Out to Consultation
Seymour Place Odiham 88 Launched
Shire Avenue Fleet 235 Launched
Southby Drive Fleet 121 Launched
Southern Haye Hartley Wintney 1006 Launched
Spring Woods Fleet 573 Launched
Swallow Close Yateley 741 Launched
Sylvan Way Church Crookham 625 Launched
Tavistock Road Fleet 181 Launched
The Crescent Blackwater 543 Launched
The Gallop Yateley 469 Launched
The Sycamores Blackwater 661 Launched
Waitland Close Waterlooville 517 Out to Consultation
Walker Close Church Crookham 923 Launched
Walpole Gardens Hartley Wintney 962 Launched
Warren Close Fleet 971 Launched
Waterloo Close Waterlooville 689 Out to Consultation
Weldon Close Church Crookham 690 Launched
Wessex Avenue Odiham 107 Launched
Wessex Crescent Odiham 107 Launched
Wessex Drive Odiham 107 Launched
West Green Road (Part) Hartley Wintney 730 Launched
Whinchat Close Hartley Wintney 415 Launched
Willow Lane Blackwater 543 Launched
Willowford Yateley 206 Launched
Winton Crescent (Part) Yateley 794 Out to Consultation
Wisteria Lane Yateley 205 Launched
Woodgate Fleet 235 Launched
Woodland Rise Church Crookham 625 Launched
Wooldridge Crescent Odiham 107 Launched
Wykeham Court Odiham 107 Launched



No Cold Calling Zones
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