No Cold Calling

Rushmoor Borough Council

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Road Name Location Zone Number Status
Alma Close Aldershot 215 Launched
Appledore Mews Farnborough 327 Launched
Avon Close Farnborough 230 Launched
Bartons Way Farnborough 407 Out to Consultation
Beta Road Farnborough 309 Launched
Bideford Close Farnborough 327 Launched
Blunden Road Farnborough 308 Launched
Brewers Close Farnborough 310 Launched
Broadhurst Farnborough 498 Launched
Broadmead Farnborough 383 Launched
Brookfield Road Farnborough 445 Out to Consultation
Broomhill Road (Part) Farnborough 387 Out to Consultation
Burnsall Close Farnborough 69 Launched
Buttermere Close Farnborough 119 Launched
Cabrol Road Farnborough 69 Launched
Canterbury Road Farnborough 340 Launched
Cheviot Close Farnborough 346 Launched
Chiltern Avenue Farnborough 921 Out to Consultation
Chiltern Close Farnborough 537 Launched
Chilton Farm Park Farnborough 297 Launched
Chive Court Farnborough 498 Launched
Church Lane Farnborough 439 Launched
Closeworth Road Farnborough 34 Launched
Clouston Road Farnborough 68 Launched
Coriander Close Farnborough 498 Launched
Cotswold Close Farnborough 346 Launched
Cottage Gardens Farnborough 273 Launched
Cranleigh Court Farnborough 467 Launched
Crerar Close Farnborough 480 Launched
Cromwell Way Farnborough 641 Out to Consultation
Deadbrook Lane Aldershot 215 Launched
Delville Close Farnborough 480 Launched
Denmark Square Aldershot 215 Launched
Denmark Street Aldershot 215 Launched
Douglas Place Farnborough 68 Launched
Downs Close Farnborough 346 Out to Consultation
Eastern Road Aldershot 215 Launched
Empress Avenue Farnborough 69 Launched
Farm Road Aldershot 445 Out to Consultation
Farnborough Road (Part) Farnborough 434 Launched
Fellows Road Farnborough 339 Launched
Fennel Close Farnborough 498 Launched
Field Way Aldershot 445 Out to Consultation
Forth Close Farnborough 582 Out to Consultation
Garden Close Farnborough 451 Out to Consultation
Gleneagles Drive Farnborough 348 Launched
Gravel Road Farnborough 34 Launched
Green School Lane Farnborough 177 Launched
Green Way Aldershot 445 Out to Consultation
Grenadiers Way Farnborough 348 Launched
Griffon Close Farnborough 276 Launched
Hampshire Close Aldershot 20 Launched
Hartland Place Farnborough 993 Launched
Haskins Drive Farnborough 296 Launched
Haskins Gardens Farnborough 296 Launched
Heather Gardens Farnborough 731 Launched
Heron Wood Road Aldershot 20 Launched
Highfield Close Farnborough 271 Launched
Highfield Path Farnborough 271 Launched
Highfield Road Farnborough 234 Launched
Hunter Road (Part) Farnborough 601 Launched
Kempton Court Farnborough 888 Launched
Kennet Close Farnborough 587 Launched
Kings Road Aldershot 7 Launched
Kings Way Aldershot 7 Launched
Langdale Close Farnborough 119 Launched
Larch Way Farnborough 274 Launched
Lauderdale Farnborough 683 Launched
Lea Way Aldershot 445 Out to Consultation
Leopold Avenue Farnborough 69 Launched
Lime Tree Walk Farnborough 34 Launched
Liskeard Drive Farnborough 979 Launched
Lockwood Close Farnborough 349 Launched
Loddon Road Farnborough 582 Out to Consultation
Longfield Close Farnborough 292 Launched
Lynchford Road (Part) Farnborough 317 Launched
Lynn Way Farnborough 656 Out to Consultation
Maple Walk Aldershot 20 Launched
Marjoram Close Farnborough 498 Launched
Maskell Way Farnborough 118 Launched
Matthews Close Farnborough 34 Launched
Mayfield Road (Part) Farnborough 656 Out to Consultation
McNaughton Close Farnborough 480 Launched
Meadow Way Aldershot 445 Out to Consultation
Medway Drive Farnborough 230 Launched
Merlin Way Farnborough 276 Launched
Mole Close Farnborough 582 Out to Consultation
Morval Close Farnborough 384 Launched
Napoleon Avenue Farnborough 69 Launched
Nash Close Farnborough 273 Launched
Nightingale Close Farnborough 298 Launched
North Lane Aldershot 215 Launched
Northcott Gardens Farnborough 368 Launched
Nutmeg Court Farnborough 498 Launched
Oldwood Close Farnborough 158 Launched
Orwell Close Farnborough 230 Launched
Pegasus Avenue Aldershot 215 Launched
Pierrefondes Avenue Farnborough 69 Launched
Pinewood Park Farnborough 407 Out to Consultation
Pitt Way Farnborough 309 Launched
Prospect Road (Part) Farnborough 310 Launched
Queen Street Aldershot 215 Launched
Regiment Close Farnborough 348 Launched
Revelstoke Avenue Farnborough 69 Launched
Ribble Close Farnborough 230 Launched
Richmond Close Farnborough 275 Launched
Rifle Way Farnborough 348 Launched
Romayne Close Farnborough 68 Launched
Rother Road Farnborough 230 Launched
Rowans Close Farnborough 350 Launched
Rye Close Farnborough 230 Launched
Saffron Court Farnborough 498 Launched
Shakespeare Gardens Farnborough 295 Launched
Snowden Road Farnborough 346 Launched
Southern Way Farnborough 451 Out to Consultation
South Walk Aldershot 215 Launched
Squirrel Lane Farnborough 68 Launched
Stanley Drive Farnborough 348 Launched
Stake Lane Farnborough 310 Launched
St Michaels Road Farnborough 69 Launched
Stuart Close Farnborough 68 Launched
Sunnybank Road Farnborough 582 Out to Consultation
Tarragon Close Farnborough 498 Launched
Tay Close Farnborough 230 Launched
Tees Close Farnborough 230 Launched
Thames Close Farnborough 230 Launched
The Birches Farnborough 1092 Out to Consultation
The Lawns Farnborough 451 Out to Consultation
The Oaks Farnborough 277 Launched
The Pathfinders Farnborough 348 Launched
The Shrubbery Farnborough 451 Out to Consultation
The Topiary Farnborough 451 Out to Consultation
Thirlmere Close Farnborough 119 Launched
Tile Barn Close Farnborough 698 Launched
Trent Close Farnborough 230 Launched
Tweed Close Farnborough 230 Launched
Tweedsmuir Close Farnborough 480 Launched
Tyne Close Farnborough 230 Launched
Ullswater Avenue Farnborough 347 Launched
Varney Close Farnborough 442 Out to Consultation
Watts Road Farnborough 68 Launched
West Heath Road Farnborough 68 Launched
Whetstone Road (Part) Farnborough 789 Launched
Whitby Close Farnborough 647 Out to Consultation
Whitebeams Garden Farnborough 278 Launched
Woodland Walk Aldershot 654 Out to Consultation
Wren Way Farnborough 283 Launched



No Cold Calling Zones
Trading Standards
Montgomery House
Monarch Way, Winchester SO22 5PW

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fax 01962 833698