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New style pedestrian signs and mapping for Hampshire towns and cities

Updated 8 May 2014

The new style of "wayfinding" pedestrian signs and mapping are coming to Hampshire's main cities and towns in 2013 and 2014.

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Hamsphire County Council has obtained funding from the Department for Transport to install the new style signs in Fareham, Gosport, Winchester, Eastleigh, Havant, Romsey and Totton.

The work to install the new signs begins in these towns and cities in Autumn 2013, and continues to Spring 2014.

They will come to Basingstoke and Farnborough later in 2014.

Main features

There are two new styles of sign:

  • totem maps (the two signs on the left in the picture)
  • fingerpost signs (the sign furthest to the right in the picture)

The signs will be located at arrival points such as rail and bus stations and car parks, and at major pedestrian junctions in city and town centres.

The new signs will show:

  • destinations for residents, visitors and workers
  • places and destinations in relation to one another, helping visitors to have better "mental maps" of the area
  • estimated walk times to help encourage walking as the best way of getting around
  • accessible routes, steps, ramps and gradients
The project team responsible for the signage is learning lessons from similar work elsewhere, including the recent Southampton legible cities project and the Legible London scheme.