Waste and Recycling

What happens to your rubbish?

Energy Recovery Facilities

Most of the non-recyclable waste collected from homes in Hampshire is taken to one of three Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) located in Marchwood (pictured), Chineham and Portsmouth.

These facilities safely incinerate the waste and use the heat from this process to create steam, in turn generating electricity which is fed to the National Grid. Each year the three facilities together create the equivalent amount of electricity needed to power 53,000 homes - approximately 50 megawatts.


There is now only one landfill site open in Hampshire for disposing of household waste. Thanks to the county's recycling efforts and the three Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs), Hampshire sends less than 10% of its household waste to landfill - that's less than any other UK county council. The only household waste currently landfilled is bulkier items delivered to Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs), but we are working to address this further and move as close to zero landfill as we can.

The County Council is also responsible for 11 closed former landfill sites, and has a duty to ensure that they are returned to nature as best as possible. This includes working with colleagues from the Culture, Communities and Business Services Department to restore heathland and countryside sites, such as Somerley closed landfill pictured here.

Marchwood energy recovery facility Somerley restored landfill site