Hampshire Cultural Trust

Gift Shop

Our gift shop specialises in selling items from around the Fareham area, including a selection of local books and prints and Hampshire-made jams and chutneys, some of which are made from locally grown fruit.

Next time you’re in Fareham come and visit our gift shop where we have also introduced a selection of unusual greetings cards and some old-fashioned small toys. We usually also sell a selection of products that relate to our touring exhibition.

Ghosts of the Falklands

Our current bestseller - the Ghosts of the Falklands - is a photographic book we published ourselves about some of the warships from the Falklands campaign which are now waiting in Fareham Creek to be broken up - HMS Fearless, HMS Intrepid, HMS Cardiff and HMS Glasgow.
52 pages, softback, fully illustrated with 31 full colour plates. Price £4.99
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Ghosts book cover