Bursledon Windmill

Hampshire's only working windmill

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06/05/2014 09:00am


We had the best day and was really fun. Cheap and great value for money too!!



03/07/2013 01:44pm

James Hargreaves

Very good place to visit. The staff are helpful and free entry. There is a shop that sells flour and a great place to visit!!



07/05/2013 12:00pm

carolyn dewey

Was very pleased with our first visit to the windmill today. Didnt know what to expect. But a free entry (even though we did have culture pass), on entry greeted and given a chat about the barn and a video and general informative intro from a lady. We sat on old school benches. And it was ok for my 5 and 3 year old, she customised it to suit which was lovely. She then introduced us to the tour guide David who showed us inside the Windmill, which again was very informative, and we all enjoyed it, my 3 year old girl my 5 year old boy and myself. I do hope you get some help with your project for updating/restoration work a worthy cause. It would be lovely to have a cafe onsite with artisan breads and buns/cakes too. Many thanks



23/07/2012 09:18am

Donna Jones

My family and I visited the windmill yesterday for the first time and the staff were amazing. Really helpful, informative and relaxed. We were shown round and given facts as and when we wanted them, my three year old boy took it all in and was able to rely information to my daughter who we took along later. It was a great way to spend quality time with the family and learn a bit of history along the way. Thank you for the warm welcome we received!!



17/11/2011 07:43am

Su Hyam

After our evening visit we returned to the windmill to view it in daylight and discovered a secret little gem of a place. My two children aged 3 and 6 absolutely loved it and they didn't want to leave. We had so much fun getting dad to grind the grain, while the kids worked hard to process the course flour until they had created some wonderfully tactile soft flour. We then we were shown round the windmill and were able to see its inner workings and despite the lack of wind the miller helped turn the sails so we could see the mill in action. The staff were really fantastic and enabled us to get so much out of our visit.

A great place to go for an afternoon out with kids



17/11/2011 07:40am

Emma Quirk

We thoroughly enjoyed the spooky trail evening of 11 Nov. The lighting, props and atmosphere were suitably scary, and the ghosts very friendly! Our 4 year old loved whack-a-rat and both my children (the other is age 2) thought the badge making was great. We all had a really good time and would like to thank everyone involved. We would love to come to other events and look forward to the spooky trail next year!



13/11/2011 09:22am

Su Hyam

Spooky Night Trail 11/11/11

I liked finding the rats with my torch and playing the rat splat game. It was FUN Joshua age 6

I enjoyed seeing inside the windmill and hearing all the noises during the story time. Ruth aged 3

We had a lovely evening exploring the mill by torch light and discovering lots of hidden animals. The ghosts were very friendly and helpful and the children really enjoyed themselves. It was a well organised and relaxed event and we plan to go back and see the mill in the daytime. Thanks



12/11/2011 03:47pm


Spooky Trail Night 11/11/2011

I really enjoyed my visit to the Bursledon Windmill for the spooky trail and I would love to go there again on a Sunday afternoon to see the mill when it is working so that I can see how it works. Rachel age 6

I enjoyed wack a rat, searching for the rats and the ghost stories. I would like to go to another evening at the windmill. Ben age 4

I thought that the whole event was well organisied and enjoyed taking my children around the buildings, I would love to go to another evening event at the windmill and will definately be bringing my children back when it is working so we can all see it in action. Thanks for a great spooky trail :)



07/10/2011 07:12pm

Kay Bowen

The Year 1 and 2 children of Hamble Primary School had a fantastic half day visit to the Windmill and learned lots about buildings, farming and milling. The activities were pitched perfectly for their age and attention span, the learning was all hands on and they enjoyed every aspect of their time at the windmill. thank you for attention to detail and we will recommend you to other schools in the area.



09/04/2010 04:00pm

Janice Stockdale

A VERY dissapointing day out. Booked into the salt dough family activity at 2pm yesterday (6/4/10), arrived early so we could picnic and wander through the woodland. Carpark was locked and we were made to feel very unwelcome. Explained we had travelled a long distance and staff reluctantly agreed we could stay. Asked about the woodland walk but were told it was closed due to fallen branches and we could only go at our own risk! We climbed over the locked gate (which by the look of the rusty lock had been out of service for some time) and enjoyed a trouble free walk.

Another disapointment was that the windmill wasn't open for viewing. This wasn't made clear on the website. My son (7) has just finished learning about windmills and this was a great opportunity to see a working mill, so we were all sad that the windmill was roped off. If the windmill is not going to open during activity days this needs to be made very clear on the website.

The refreshment facilities were also very poor with just an instant machine with no juices available for children.

We did enjoy the salt dough making but were rather saddened by the rest of our experience of Burseldon Windmill.  

Bursledon Windmill replies

We are sorry you did not enjoy your whole visit.

The woods have been closed for public safety since the high winds and snow before Christmas. The website has now been amended accordingly.

The website states that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays the site is available for booked visits or activity sessions. Those booking on the activity sessions are told that they are booking for the activity session only which does not include a windmill tour.

Picnicing on site may be possible before or after booked visits or activities sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but only by prior arrangement.

Our refreshment facilities are I agree rudimentary. We are working to improve this.


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