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Contracting Direct Help

We hope we have made Contracting Direct as easy to use as possible, however, if you are experiencing any issues with the site please check the guidance below which addresses some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why do I have to register?

The contracts listed within Contracting Direct are only available for use by public sector and third sector organisations.  The registration process will verify your eligibility to use this facility.

Who are eligible partners?

Eligible partners include, government, local government, police, fire, NHS, schools, colleges, universities and the third sector voluntary and community organisations.  

Why have I not had confirmation of the registration?

Registrations from most of the eligible partners listed above will be automatically approved, however, some sectors may take a little longer to verify as the process is based on your email address.  If you do not have one of the email addresses listed your request will be verified by the Customer Service Team and will take a little longer.  

How do I find specific contract information?

You can browse and search the site in several ways –

  • Use the category headings at the top of the page, drilling down to find the contract details.
  • Key word search using the ‘Search’ box, from the home page.
  • Click into the Search page to see all contracts listed, then usng the ‘Search’ box or the ‘Categories’ list you can refine the results.
  • Alternatively, if you know the supplier you require you can search by supplier name.

What contract information is available?

For each contract we list details of -

  • Contract period
  • Geographical coverage
  • Scope
  • Suppliers

These details are available for everyone to view.

Only registered users can access and download the full details which are available in a Contract User Guide. The guides and supporting documentation include the full terms and conditions of contract, the schedules, supplier details and information on how to order. Please note: the Contract User Guides and other supporting documentation open in the same window and you will need to use your back-button to navigate away from these pages, alternatively, to open in a separate window, right click on the button and select 'open in new window".

Contract User Guides are only visible and available to download when you are registered and logged in.

Why are some contracts only available to some organisations and areas?

The contracts listed are principally established on behalf of Hampshire County Council or in collaboration with partner(s) within the Central Buying Consortium. Where possible, contracts are open for use by other public sector bodies, however, this must be defined within the OJEU Notice at the start of the tender process.

In addition, some contracts are only suited to local coverage and therefore the geographical coverage is restricted.