The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Annual Harbour Dues - Dry sailed vessels

All craft using the River Hamble, except for those which are zero rated, are required to pay Harbour Dues. If you wish to make an online payment, please complete the form below. Once payment has been received you will be sent a Harbour Dues sticker, which must be displayed in a prominent position on the port quarter of your vessel. Annual Harbour Dues are for the period from 1 January to 31 December.

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Harbour Dues 2014

Size of vesselAnnual charge
3 metres£48.00
4 metres£64.00
5 metres£80.00
6 metres£96.00
7 metres£112.00
8 metres£128.00
9 metres£144.00
10 metres£160.00
11 metres£176.00
12 metres£192.00
13 metres£208.00
14 metres£224.00
15 metres£240.00
16 metres£256.00
17 metres£272.00
18 metres£288.00
19 metres£304.00
20 metres£320.00