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Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

Application for a certified copy of a Hampshire civil partnership entry

If you, or the couple whose certificate you are applying for, formed a civil partnership in Hampshire (excluding Portsmouth and Southampton) you can apply to us for a copy certificate. If this is not the case, you will need to contact the relevant register office.

 Terms and conditions

If we can locate your required entry the copy certificate will be issued within 7 working days and posted to you.

If you need your copy certificate issued within 24 hours please select our priority service under section 3 Requirements.

If you require your copy certificate urgently, for an additional charge of £13, you can select our priority 24-hour service. Your certificate will be issued within 24 hours (this applies to working days only i.e. a priority certificate application received on a Friday will be issued the following Monday (unless a Bank Holiday in which case it would be issued on the Tuesday).

Please note the priority search fee is non-refundable as it is the fee levied for the priority search, regardless of the result of that search.

Please note: Fields marked with a * are required and must be completed.

1. Details of person applying for the certificate

Debit/Credit card billing address
Yes  No 
Delivery address
Contact details
Certificate details
Yes  No 

2. Details of the civil partnership certificate required

 Please note:

There are 2 types of certificate: the full certificate shows the address of both parties at the time of the formation while the extract does not.

Partner 1's full details (prior to this formation)


Please complete if a full certificate is required.

Partner 2's full details (prior to this formation)


Please complete if a full certificate is required.

Date and place of partnership formation

We are unable to search for more than 3 years (see further information on on our website at:


Town/Village or City, or if not known then the Registration District stated on index

Other Information


Please provide any other information that you feel may help us to find this entry.

3. Requirements

Priority service (please tick if you wish your certificate to be issued within 24 hours)
Please note: the priority search fee is non-refundable if we are unable to locate your required entry
Number of certificates required

 Please state the number of certificates you require.

The cost of a civil partnership certificate is 10.00. Full certificates include all of the details in the entry, whereas extract certificates do not include addresses.
Full certificates can only be provided where both of the full addresses are specified in section 2 of this application.

 Send request

After sending these details, you'll next be prompted to pay for the certificate(s).
Your request will only be recorded once you have made a payment.


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